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The night embraces the City of Chicago, the stars washed away by the motley glow of neon lights. You walk along the streets, slim pale faces slipping in and out of the sea of humanity that ebbs and flows among the businesses. The sounds of life, the warmth of blood... it calls to you... beckons you deeper within the city. Your smile deepens, a glimpse of ivory fang implying your true nature. It is your time, your eternity, here and now. You are the ultimate of predators, that hunts from within. You are Kindred.

You move through the city with grace, preternatural eyes peering into the labyrinth of back alleys and rural glades, until your eyes settle on one building. It seems unobtrusive at first glance, just another brownstone amongst the rows of businesses, yet it seems to draw your gaze. You part the heavy, steel doors easily, stepping in without hesitation. The scents of beer and alcohol mask an underlying odour of mold... as if something... was very old. A magnificent grand piano and a curved oaken bar are all that seem to cast off glimpses of shine and brilliance in the entire room, reflected from flickering candles and lamps.

Squinting your eyes you gaze about, taking in the antique chandeliers that hang from above, the candles that seem strategic in their placement about the room. Barely recognizable, you catch glimpses of paintings upon the walls... the eyes seeming to stare back at you and follow your every movement.

Your gaze sweeps to the right, taking in the amber specks of the fire as they dance across the room. Tendrils of shadows flirtatiously play over the walls covered in damask so old, the patterns seem to have acquired a life of their own. The plush chairs surrounding the hearth look extremely inviting.

The soft tinkle of crystal catches your ear, jerking your gaze to the left, towards the long, curvaceous bar. Its glazed top reveals whorls of ancient wood, hypnotic in their patterns. The myriad swirls of coloured glass reflect what little light filters from candles placed around the bar.

You have found a haven, a safe place for all to speak their ideas. Remember who you are, what you are. You have crossed the threshold, stepping into a World of Darkness...

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** You are entering a World of Darkness **

This is a roleplaying environment. The characters and interactions you encounter herein, unless otherwise noted, are fictional, and take place within a fictional world implemented in accordance with the Old World of Darkness created by White Wolf.

Note: As this is a Vampire RPG, it is “perpetual night” in all Crypt Gaming Rooms for the convenience of players and to maintain a continuous game play mode. While mortal characters do have daytime, it is not actively played. “Day” may be referred to in narrative, but it is not an active part of game play.

Gaming Room Rules

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General Gaming Room Rules

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Joining the Game

If you are a new Visitor to the Crypt and intend to join the Game, please introduce yourself/your character to the Authorities; it is recommended that you post/play in the Crypt Room for a few nights (though you may explore the other various rooms) to learn and gather knowledge before participating in current storylines (SLs). This will help you to learn current characters and present situations as well as any plots that may be developing in gaming areas outside of the Crypt, within ongoing SLs

It is strongly encouraged that anyone wishing to join active game play familiarize themselves with White Wolf's concepts of the Old World of Darkness, with particular attention to the Vampire: The Masquerade Rule Book (2nd Edition). Also, please consult the document Playing The Game for further information and references.

  • Character Sheets are not required to be submitted to play in these rooms, however please familiarize yourself with the White Wolf character sheets as an aid in the development of your character.
  • Character sheets, full profiles or backgrounds are not mandatory, but may be submitted to the Authorities.
  • We do however require ALL PLAYERS to submit a character summary, outlining the character you wish to play, or are playing if you are an already established player. A summary should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs (approx. 12-15 sentences, 150-200 words). These are to be submitted to the Authorities.
  • Note: No new Vampire characters may be lower than a Generation of 9 (refer to the Glossary for "generation"). If you wish to create a character lower than generation 9, a plausible reason must be given AND properly roleplayed in detailed SL.
  • Likewise, any extraordinary levels of power and special abilities in characters of all types must be plausibly justified through submitted character summaries or profiles and roleplayed in detailed SL.
  • There will be NO “instant” all powerful high level Vampire. Power and status must be earned In Character (IC) through experience and game play.
  • In addition, please also submit character summaries for any NPCs (non-playing characters) that will be used in SLs on a regular basis and play a major role in the SL.
  • Please refer to the document Playing the Game for some tips on creating a character for the game, and some guidelines on what information should be considered for inclusion in character summaries.
  • Character summaries must be submitted to the Authorities within 2 weeks of that character's or ongoing NPC's appearance in SLs in any of the Crypt rooms.
  • Each player is limited to playing NO MORE THAN THREE CHARACTERS, mortal, Kindred or "other". The number of NPCs each player can create will be restricted at the discretion of the Authorities.
  • “Temporary” NPCs may be used as needed, but while character summaries are not required for these, their function in the SL should be established within play prior to being used in that capacity. A temporary NPC is one that is used only for a minor function once or twice within the SL for the purposes of accomplishing a specific and immediate goal.

The Authorities reserve the right to suggest changes and/or approve or disapprove submissions.

ELYSIUM is neutral ground for the Kindred of a city. Violence is strictly prohibited within Elysium, and individuals are expected to keep tempers in check. Any grievances between characters are to be left outside. Presiding authorities will remove those who cannot control themselves if need be.

The Laws of Elysium

  1. The Crypt Room is designated Elysium and as such, no violence is permitted on the premises. Weapons may be brought in, but must be concealed within the realms of game-play. Do not be surprised if you are told to leave them at the door.
  2. Those causing violence and/or damaging the Crypt will be removed for a period of 24 hours.
  3. The Crypt Room is a No Kill Zone and is Neutral to *All* Clans.
  4. Only the Prince, Seneschal or Sheriff may draw and use weapons within the Crypt room, and then ONLY to enforce the Laws.
  5. The Prince or Seneschal are the Only Ones allowed to Kill within the walls of the Crypt Room, and then Only to enforce the Laws. (In the process of enforcing the Laws, the Sheriff may use necessary means to incapacitate an offender but must hold them in confinement for the Prince or Seneschal's ruling).
  6. No 'new' furnishings can be brought in without the approval of the Prince or Seneschal.
  7. Visitors found to have destroyed or damaged furnishings will be removed for at least 24 hours, or be at the mercy of the Prince or Seneschal.
  8. In OUR ELYSIUM, the Masquerade will be relaxed while inside THIS establishment, but the Masquerade will still be STRICTLY enforced if you are in a gaming situation in the Gaming Rooms!
  9. SUBTLE FEEDING may take place, however, do so with discretion. Although this room is more relaxed than the other gaming rooms, we will NOT tolerate ABUSE of any rules. FEEDING MUST be consensual!
  10. Blood based beverages will be served.
  11. Private messaging requires permission from the other person.
  12. Any play done in private message will not be acknowledged as part of a scene or storyline (SL).
  13. Character grievances are to be left outside of Elysium. If there are differences to be disputed or resolved, do so outside the walls of Elysium. Personal grievances are to be left outside the Gaming Rooms as a whole.
  14. Gaming behavior should follow the Established Customs of the 'Kindred' as outlined for White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade, as currently practiced by Civilized and Mature Netgoers.
  15. Research the Masquerade and your chosen Clan at White Wolf (or White Wolf Wiki).
  16. This Elysium is under Camarilla rule. Whereas All are welcomed All must obey the LAWS and RULES. Any questions are to be presented to the Seneschal.

Additional Information

  • The Crypt Gaming Rooms abide by the Six Traditions of the Masquerade.
  • Anyone who enters these rooms and uses them to harass, joke about, or in any way ridicule the Patrons for whom they were designed, shall be Removed ON SIGHT! (serious gaze)
  • Respect your fellow gamers and treat all Denizens with courtesy!
  • Remember these are Vampire Fantasy/Role Playing Rooms. Keep Scenes in line with the nature of the rooms. Long running Scenes with no obvious 'Vampiric Context' may be told to change rooms, or exit the gaming rooms altogether.
  • There will be NO overtly sexual scenes in ANY of the gaming rooms EXCEPT The Rack! If you wish to have interactions of a sexual nature, you may use The Rack, but remember to keep the scene in line with a Vampire theme and "In Character" (IC), otherwise use another room in the Castle that allows sexual interaction.
  • NOTE: The gaming rooms adjoining the Crypt each have a specific set of rules, posted via a hyperlink at the top of each room's page, as well as above on this page. Collectively, all of the adjoining game rooms, including the Crypt, are known as "The Crypt Gaming Rooms". Please familiarize yourself with the rules of each room upon entrance!
  • Warning: Some rooms are KILL ZONES - enter at your own risk!
  • All gaming is strictly on a post-for-post basis. This means that a player may choose NOT to interact if they do not wish to participate in a scene by NOT POSTING responses or comments to that scene. If you respond to gaming posts “In Character” (IC), your character will be deemed in consent to whatever transpires in that scene. Alternatively, you may state your desire not to engage by posting a single statement to that effect “Out Of Character” (OOC).
  • For example, if another character, IC, attempts to engage your character in a fight, you will have consented to the fight by responding to the engagement IC, and will be expected to abide by the outcome as it is played out by the engaged characters. If, however, you choose NOT to respond to the attempt at engagement, or state your wishes in an OOC comment, the other character is obliged to cease the attempt. If the attempt to engage is continued, this may be deemed harassment at the discretion of the Authorities as outlined above, and subject to the Laws of both the Castle and the Crypt.
  • With that stated, please keep in mind the principles of fair play (refer to the Glossary) -- should your character put itself in a situation during the course of playing a SL, it is fair to accept and play out the consequences of that development.
  • Due to the nature of role playing games, Talk Bans will not be enforced in the Crypt Gaming Rooms within roleplay situations. They can, however, be enforced for posts made OOC or in PM.
  • If you have any questions, Ask! You may often find someone knowledgeable only a breath away!

Character Roles of Office

(These roles are strictly IC (“in character”) and such authority pertains to the characters within the fictional parameters of SLs played in the Game, not to the players themselves.)

The Prince is the undisputed Master of a given domain (in our case, the City of Chicago). The title serves to reinforce the neo-feudal nature of most Kindred society. In his Domain, the Prince's word is Law and none may dispute it; grievances and requests may be taken to the Seneschal who will present it to the Prince and provide a ruling on the matter.

The Prince is served by a number of Officials who keep order in his/her Domain.

Glory Mooncalled is the reigning Prince of Chicago at Beauty's Castle Crypt RPG.

The Seneschal is the Prince's right hand and 2nd in Command, looking after the day-to-day operations of the domain, and keeping track of the Prince's interests, schedule and appointments. The Seneschal is usually the most trusted confidante of the Prince. The Seneschal also has the authority to act on the Prince's behalf in the event the Prince is unavailable for any extended period.

The Sheriff enforces the laws of the Prince over a given domain (in our case, the City of  Chicago). This includes investigating, interrogating, and concluding the laws which have been broken and deciding whether or not to bring the criminal before the Prince. The Sheriff carries out all sentencing handed down by the Prince. The Sheriff may not issue sentencing on their own, but will hold the criminal in confinement until the Prince (or Seneschal in the Prince's absence) issues sentence.

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Akira Nyte
Solstice Black

The Monitors enforce Beauty's Castle Rules within the Crypt environment, as well as the Rules of the Crypt Gaming Rooms. They may also be consulted on the specific rules of the Crypt rooms. All denizens of the Crypt, including IC authorities as outlined above, must abide by the authority of the Monitors.

The Monitors make all final rulings with regards to what is played in the game, and how it is played, while the roles of the “IC Authorities” as indicated above are limited to the fictional concepts of the SLs being played.

If your character name/handle is killed, by choice of interaction or of your own doing, that name/handle is removed from the castle (banned, i.e. permanently removed).  Please think twice before using your regular Castle name/handle in the gaming rooms!

** Only Vampire, Lupine or Mortal characters are currently allowed, although some other types of characters from within White Wolf's Old World of Darkness will be considered on an application/trial basis, subject to approval.**

Contact the Authorities with backgrounds and character outlines.

** (Mummies, Wraiths and Changelings definitely not yet allowed and will not be considered at this time) **

By Entering the Castle Crypt you have Already AGREED to the above Rules and Regulations! You will be treated accordingly!

(deep sparkling midnight gaze) (feral-toothed grin)

I Agree! Let this Soul Pass!

I do NOT Agree! Get me Out Fast!

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